Great music to get you through the week

Finding an album you can wear out for a whole week is a great feeling. What if you could find one of those every week? Inspired by that idea and a love of music, I created This Week's Jam to bring you that experience every Monday morning by sending great tunes to your email. No bots, no algorithms, just great music picked out by a real person (me) and sent to you.

I try to find the albums that are great front to back, all the way through. Along with bringing you great music, I want promote up-and-coming artists making great tunes.


What kind of music will I get?

I pull music from all over the place, but try to focus mostly on up-and-coming artists. It could be an artist you've never heard of or someone you recognize who has an album you've never heard. I can't guarantee that you'll love every album every week, but you'll have last week's album to jam to before a fresh one hits your inbox on Monday.

I just found an awesome album. Can I send it to you?

Yes, please! I love taking submissions and am always looking for new albums to listen to. You can either reply to the newsletter, tweet at me, email me, create a smoke signal, send a bicycle messenger, stalk me and tell me in person, etc.

Hit me up on my email